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Your First Product

Popping that First Time:

Before you use the toy for the first time, gently wash it under lukewarm water.

When first opened, please charge the toy until the light behind the power button becomes solid. If the light is blinking, keep charging. 

For our toy with a remote, please put a single 12V battery in the remote.

Before using the toys, please remember that both toys we offer can slightly bend to make them most comfortable for yourself so please play with the angles.  

Silicone-based lubricant is not safe to use with any of our toys, please use water-based lubricant for maximum longevity of your toy.

A normal 5V charge head would work for this toy. Please DO NOT use an (Advanced) Fast Charge head for charging.

Remember that you can slightly bend the toy to your liking. Hold the toy gently and play around the angles. Everybody is different!


Press the On/Off button for 3 second to turn toy on.

If your unit has a remote, turn the toy on first then use the remote.

Press the lower button on the remote/toy to choose between 10 different modes of pleasure.

Press the upper button on the remote/toy to active Turbo Mode.



Clean and Care:

Wash toy before and after use, wash with lukewarm water.

Please don’t completely submerge the toy underwater for a long period of time. Keep the charging port and the remote above water level.

Store toy in a clean and dry place after use. 


This toy is NOT dishwasher safe.

Do NOT charge the toy for more than 12 hours, and do not plug charging cord into a fast charger capable of more than 5V.

Return and Exchange Policy:

Due to the nature of our product, we do not accept returns for refund or exchange purposes once the product has been used and opened. 

We do, however, provide a 90 day manufacturer's warranty for all our toys. It will cover the working parts but will not cover deterioration caused by wear and tear or damage caused by accident, misuse, or neglect. Taking apart the toys will void the warranty.

Please contact us directly for warranty problems.