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Features - Silicone

At Savage Presents, all of our toys are made from body safe medical grade silicone to bring you hypoallergenic, hygienic, non-porous, non-toxic and durable vibrators.

Not all dildos are produced with the best manufacturing quality. Other lesser grade silicone can easily micro tear along the shaft or base and grow mold because of the use inferior silicone.

We use the best medical grade silicone that has been tested to take a beating under repeated continuous use while remaining in pristine condition.

Our toys are super resistant to heat, and usage. Their firmness will not lessen with use and cleaning, it will still fell like a real cock and perform to your needs, and continue to be body safe. 

See the video below for a demonstration when we poured boiling hot water onto our toy (Spoiler Alert: It was fine!) 

In this video below we activated the Turbo Mode and poured hot water over it, showing that it works in both turbo mode and normal mode but also reactivated turbo mode successfully. 

This also means that you can safely clean your toy by pouring boiling water over it.

For the toys we carry that has a suction cup, they can be affixed to any smooth surface. The floor, bathroom walls, glass, when there's a willy, there's a way. Those suction cups are cast into the toy so they will stay with the toy no matter how you move or how much pressure you apply.