Features - Motor and Movements

For our toys, our dual motor design ensures that you find your ultimate happiness.

Traditionally, the single motor design in a sex toy makes the toy vibrator. Our dual motor system ensures not only the toy vibrates but our motor adjust based on the environment it's in. The more room there is for the motor, the bigger the movements.

10 unique stroke patterns to optimize experience in both vaginal and anal stimulation. 

Check it out:


Including Turbo Mode: it is what it sounds like. Turbo mode inclusion gives the toy an extra burst that lasts for 8 seconds. The toy rotates in an-all-in 360-degree motion to stroke your G-spot or prostate from multiple directions and speeds. 


If you are new to the sex toy world, don't worry. The movement of our toy depends on you. If you are newer, you can use one of the slower movements and slowly relax. If you are more experienced, you can dig right in. The toy's movement depends on it's "location", and will change as the "location" relaxes.