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  • There are lights on both toys to indicate charging. If the light is blinking, the toy is charging. If the light is solid, the toy is charged. The light will turn off after a while automatically to conserve power.
  • If you think your toy is not charging, please make sure that you sticked the charger all the way in. This literally solves 80% of our charge-related problems.


We use USPS as our primary shipping partner but will consider other companies if we are notified of a delay in their shipping. Please note that we send out the toys on Priority Mail the next business day after your order so we can properly package the toy and perform standard quality control. Our store will send you a tracking number once we generated one. If you have concerns regarding your shipment, please Contact Us. Unfortunately, the delivery times provided are through USPS and are an estimate only. Customer may contact USPS after receiving a tracking number should they have any other questions about timeline.


Return and Exchange Policy

Due to the nature of our product, we do not accept returns for refund or exchange purposes once the product has been used and opened. 

We do, however, provide a 1 year manufacturer's warranty for all our toys. If any working parts has functioning problems you can send the toy back to us and we will send you another working one free of charge. This warranty covers the working parts but will not cover deterioration caused by wear and tear or damage caused by accident, misuse, or neglect. Taking apart the toys will void the warranty.

Please contact us directly for warranty problems.


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