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"Nick" by Savage Presents

Premium Quality - Ultra Realistic - Moving Dildo


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One Click Turbo Mode

Realistic Testicles

Rechargable by USB

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I bought this so both my husband and I can use it. We enjoy it very much. Totally worth the money. We use it during sex and sometimes I even put on a show for my husband in the shower! I cum a lot harder when using this toy.

Steven from Los Angeles, CA

Bigger than expected but I love the feel. I played with this for hours and lost track of how many times I came. I highly suggest that you use lots of lube the first time. The curve makes the whole thing feel bigger and the turbo mode, Woah!

Kat from New York, NY

We use this as a strap on for my wife. Best one ever! Not only I can thrust her, I can only surprise her with the movements and turbo. I've never seen her cum that much with a toy. Totally worth the price!

Morgan from San Francisco, CA